Evolv – Relic



Relic features an aluminum E-beige top case a copper w/ anti-tarnish coating bottom case and frosted clear tendrils.
Note: Hotswap PCB will still require soldering for the rotary or joystick encoder.

⚠️ Important:  If you are trying to order more than 1 unit, please email us at support@archetypemade.com so that we can generate a custom order for you – apologies for the inconvenience.

⚠️ International Orders: Shipping will be handled case by case once the GB is ready to be fulfilled. We will do our best to give you the best pricing available to us with plenty of options ranging from USPS to DHL.

  • This is a pre-order, item is not yet in stock. You will be charged for this item upon checkout. There are no refunds or cancellations on pre-orders.
  • Standard Shipping includes insurance and door to door tracking for all DELCON participating countries.
  • Fulfillment date estimate can fluctuate due to the nature of manufacturing and is subject to change.
  • The colors in shown in renderings are a close representation of what the final product is expected to look like. There are many factors ranging from anodizing chemistry to the device or monitor you are viewing from that may result in slight variation from the renderings to the final product.
  • No direct shipments to China, Russia or Brazil, please use a proxy address.
  • ETA Q4 of 2024
  • Keycaps not included; only shown for visualization purposes.

Pre-Orders will close Feb 29th, 2024 @11:59 PM PST.

Pre-configured colorway extras will be available until stock exhaustion.


Make Your Selection

Note: Main image preview will update to display your configuration.

What’s in the box

Top Case
Bottom Case
Tendrils (x2)
Carbon Fiber Plate
PCB & Daughterboard (your selection)
Gasket Kit
Silicone Press-Fit Feet (x2)
Rotary Encoder
Rotary Encoder Adapter


Joystick Encoder
Joystick Adapter
Knob (Pre-configured Kits Include Bottom Case matching Knobs, DYO Kits include Black Alu Knob)
Case Screws (x10)
Knob Set Screws (x2)
Daughter Board Screws (x4)
Assembly Tools

Add-Ons & Extras


75% layout w/ 4-key macro column
F13 Function Row
Optional Joystick Knob
Interchangeable Accent Pieces
"Weight-less" Design
ESD & Reverse Current Protection

Case Specifications

Case Dimensions: 337 x 120mm
Front Height: 15mm
Back Height: 37mm
Case Angle: 8°
Fully Built Weight: Up to 6.3lbs (Relic)


Evolv Timeline

During the Pre-Sale period, you will be able to utilize the configurator to choose a custom configuration for your Evolv. Once the Pre-Sale period has completed, extra units of pre-configured colorways will be available for purchase on the site until stock exhaustion.

Step 1

01. Feedback

Please let us know what you think of the Evolv in the feedback form.

Step 2

02. Pre-sale

Open from 02.01.24 - 02.29.24. Pre-configured colorway extras will be available until stock exhaustion.

Step 3

03. Manufacture

Working with a reputable manufacturer to ensure we receive a timely and high quality product.

Step 4

04. Fulfill

ETA for delivery is the fourth quarter of 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you ship to Brazil, China, or Russia?
A. We will not be shipping directly to Brazil, China, or Russia for group buy, if you are located in one of these countries and would like to join the GB, please use a US Proxy.

Q. When will this be shipping?
A. The current shipping estimate is Q4 2024.

Q. What are the “tendrils”?
A.The tendrils are interchangeable accent feet magnetically mounted to the bottom of the board. Backlit by LEDs to highlight their natural curves to create a subtle glow, they are what make Evolv unique.

Q. What layout limitations are there with Hotswap vs Solderable PCB?
A. All available layout options will be present both on Hotswap and Solderable PCBs.

Q. What does “weight-less” design mean?
A. Evolv does not include an extra weight, instead opting to use the entirety of the bottom case to create heft.

Q. Is there an option to use a standard encoder?
A. Evolv ships with the standard EC11 encoder along with the joystick. With the PCB supporting both options, end-users are free to choose which they’d like to use.

Q. What’s up with the weird right shift?
A. The 1.5u shift and the 12.75u bottom row are a compromise: aesthetically, the arrows line-up allowing Evolv to maintain .25u spacing around every blocker, while functionally, Evolv can fit the fourth key into what is typically a three key column on blocked 75s.



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