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Meet The Makers

Archetype is a three-person team who is passionate about creating cool stuff and sharing our creations with this awesome community. When we are not making keycaps you can find us busy with visual design, photography, 3D printing & sculpting, 

playing Zelda or hanging with our families. It’s our honor to create exciting designs and push our skills to the limit with every release. For up to date information on future releases join our mailing list below , follow us on Instagram, or join our Discord


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Our Recent Releases

A showcase of our most recent releases. Ranging from hand painted works to resin casted collaborations with friends. 

Kolkrabba - KAT Atlantis Colorway

Kolkrabba - KAT ATLANTIS

Designed to compliment @rensuya’s beautiful KAT Atlantis set.

Clifford - GMK Ashes Colorway

Clifford - Ashes

Featuring cool grey tones to match
 @tysonbuilds beautifully volcanic GMK Ashes.⁠

Logo Cap - Ashes

Archetype Logo Keycap Featuring cool grey tones to match @tysonbuilds beautifully volcanic GMK Ashes.⁠

Clifford - Stone Colorway

Clifford - Stone

A stone gollem hand painted with earthy tones and meticulous details..

Kolkrabba - Kopper Colorway

Kolkrabba - Kopper

Copper and patina hand painted Kolkrabba, designed to match GMK Copper.

Kolkrabba, SA Calm Depths Artisan Keycap

Kolkrabba SA - CALM DEPTHS

SA profile octopus artisan keycap made to compliment SA Calm Depths.

Kolkrabba - M87 Artisan Keycap

Kolkrabba - M87 Black friday S.E.

A special edition Kolkrabba featuring a lower profile sculpt height with a smooth surface detail free design.

Kolkrabba - Luna Artisan Keycap

Kolkrabba SA - Luna The Octonaut

Our first collaborations with PrimeCaps. Resin casted in a beautiful grainy moon rock colorway.

Kolkrabba, Leviathan Artisan Keycap

Kolkrabba SA - Leviathan

SA profile octopus artisan keycap made to compliment OneCreativeMind’s SA Leviathan Keyset.

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