Syzygy – Phase

In honor of the end of eclipse season, we take a moment to reflect on the aspects of our life that are in perfect alignment. We honor our intuition and let it be our guide. We celebrate the perfect balance of opposites in Syzygy with this limited In Stock edition of midnight black Ectokolks lit up with bold flakes of color. Pick your power color and let it serve as a reminder of the Syzygy that already exists in your life, and that which is yet to come.

Featuring 12 variants + 12 Logo Caps

👻 Ectokolk – Spectrum
👻 Ectokolk – Parallax
👻 Ectokolk – Ablation
👻 Ectokolk – Phase
👻 Ectokolk – Synchronous
👻 Ectokolk – Neutrino
👻 Ectokolk – Chondrule
👻 Ectokolk – Tektite
👻 Ectokolk – Penumbra
👻 Ectokolk – Umbra
👻 Ectokolk – Protostar
👻 Ectokolk – Singularity

◬ Logo Cap – SPCTRM
◬ Logo Cap – PRLX
◬ Logo Cap – ABLTN
◬ Logo Cap – PHS
◬ Logo Cap – SNCRNS
◬ Logo Cap – NTRNO
◬ Logo Cap – CNDRL
◬ Logo Cap – TKTT
◬ Logo Cap – PNMBR
◬ Logo Cap – UMBR
◬ Logo Cap – PRTSTR
◬ Logo Cap – SNGLRT



- Multi-Shot Resin
- MX compatible stem (Recessed)

Limited one entry per person. All sales are final.

Estimated shipping lead time: 4-6 Weeks. See status page for updates. As a result of COVID-19, shipments may be further impacted by additional delays. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or via our Discord Server.

Raffle Sale Status

As the product progresses through the stages of creation to arriving at your doorstep we will update. So make sure to check back here for the current status.

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