Stimulus Pack 08 – Pixie

Introducing the Kolkrabba Stimulus Pack 08.

Immerse yourself in the romantic allure of Valentine’s Day with our heartfelt ‘Stimulus Pack 08’ artisan keycap release. 💖✨ Unveil the magic of romantic hues, lustrous metallic finishes, and intricate love-inspired details. Limited edition and crafted for love – make a statement as you type into the season of romance with our Valentine’s Day themed collection of artisan caps. Every Stimulus Pack comes complete with a gleaming Smooth Kolkrabba and a seamlessly coordinated Logo cap, all for the affordable price of $50. Love is in the air! 💕⌨️ #LoveInEveryKeystroke


Out of stock


- Multi-shot Resin Cast
- MX compatible stem (Recessed)

IMPORTANT: Direct shipments to Brazil, China and Russia are not currently available, please use a proxy address instead. Orders received with shipping addresses to these countries will be cancelled and may be subject to partial refund due to incurred PayPal fees.

Up to 2 sets per person. All sales are final.

Estimated to ship in approximately 1 week. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or via our Discord Server.

In-Stock Sale Status

Good news! These caps are in stock and shipping within 1 week. Be sure to check your email for tracking info.


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