Star Stuff – Sulfer

Behold the cosmic dancers, celestial artisans of light! Twinkling diamonds, they adorn the velvety stage of the night sky, beckoning with otherworldly allure. Each star an enigmatic messenger, whispering tales of distant realms and dreams beyond our grasp.

A color shifting dark blue-green base is loaded with sparkles and accented with clear layers to highlight subtle purples throughout.

*In Stock. Ready to ship.

Features 6 variants + Logo Cap

🐙 Smooth Kolk – Carbon

☠️ Deathkrabba – Hydrogen

🐙 Kolkrabba – Nitrogen

💀 Skullkrabba – Oxygen

🧠 Reaper Sýn – Phosphorus

🗿Zed – Sulfur

◬ Logo Cap – CHNOPS



- Multi-Shot Resin
- MX compatible stem (Recessed)

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