Senshi – Logo Cap – SCRJ

In an ancient land, seven elite samurai, rose as the defenders of justice and virtue. This noble group comprised of warriors with unparalleled skill and unwavering loyalty. As shadows of chaos cast a looming threat upon their homeland, they stood united, their blades poised to carve a path of righteousness through the encroaching darkness.

👹 Oni – Kambei
👹 Oni – Katsushiro
👹 Oni – Gorobei
👹 Oni – Heihachi
👹 Oni – Shichiroji
👹 Oni – Kyuzo
👹 Oni – Kikuchiyo

◬ Logo Cap – KMBE
◬ Logo Cap – KTSR
◬ Logo Cap – GRBE
◬ Logo Cap – HCHI
◬ Logo Cap – SCRJ
◬ Logo Cap – KYZO
◬ Logo Cap – KKCH



- Multi-shot Resin
- MX compatible stem (Recessed)

Limited one entry per person. All sales are final.

Estimated to ship in 2 - 3 weeks. See status page for updates. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or via our Discord Server.

Raffle Sale Status

As the product progresses through the stages of creation to arriving at your doorstep we will update. So make sure to check back here for the current status.

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