Flux – Logo Keycap – Oscillator

A mimetic polyalloy, liquid metal, with classified origins has made its way into the studio. Don’t ask. We’ve managed to freeze it in a few shapes you might recognize while still retaining much of the visual properties it is known for: swirly metallics with sporadic splotching.

Features 8 variants + Logo Cap
🐙 Kolkrabba – Ferrite

☠️ Skullkrabba – Anode

🐔 Xiro – Impedance

🐵 Milo – Diode

🧠 Reaper Sýn – Resonator

🖐 Klō – Resistor

🧿 Jinx – Encoder

👅 Hux- Megohm

◬ Logo Cap – Oscillator


Out of stock


- Multi-Shot Resin
- MX compatible stem (Recessed)

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