Coppernicus – Alidade

Coppernicus was like a celestial alchemist,
weaving together a mesmerizing tale of a
solar system not of conventional planets,
but of worlds forged from copper and stardust.

In his groundbreaking heliocentric model,
he painted a cosmic portrait where the Sun
reigned as the radiant heart of this celestial masterpiece,
and the planets, transformed into shimmering orbs of copper,
danced in harmonious orbits.

“Due to the nature of the encapsulated orbs and transparent resin, color saturation and intensity may vary depending on lighting conditions, and different viewing angles.”

🐙 Kolkrabba (Smooth) – Dioptra

🐙 Kolkrabba – Quadrant

👿 Akrabba – Equatorium

🐙 Skullkrabba – Azimuth

💀 Reaper Syn – Astrolabe

🗿 Clifford – Alidade

◬ Logo Cap – Armillary



- Multi-shot Resin Cast
- MX compatible stem (Recessed)

Limited one entry per person. All sales are final.

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