Minerva is a 60% full isolation sleeve-gasket keyboard featuring a minimal design language, 5 row macro column and hidden screw assembly.
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Silicone Sleeve Gaskets

Modular Badge

Recessed Weight (Aluminum, Brass or Copper)

Bottom Case

PCB (Featuring flex cuts and 6 through-switch UV LEDs.)

Daughter Board (with ESD and Reverse Current Protection)

Plate (Considering PC, POM, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber)

Top Case (Shown in Clear Polycarbonate)


60% Layout + Macro Column
PC, Ultem & Alu. Top Options.
Alu. & PC Bottom Options.
Hidden Screw Assembly
Recessed Weight (Alu, Brass or Copper)
ESD & Reverse Current Protection
Silicone Sleeve Gaskets

Case Specifications

Case Dimensions: 327 x 119mm
Front Height 18mm
Rear Height: 30mm
Case Angle: 5.5°


General Info.

Pricing: Starting at ~$500
Lead Time: Approx. Q1 2023


Please take a minute to let us know what you think of Minerva LX. Your feedback and time are appreciated.


The works of Dieter Rams largely inspired Minerva LX’s design language. Minerva features subtle design details such as the tapered accent lip around the keys or the T523-inspired “Nubbin” badge. The sloped front and backside help give the board a planted look, balanced by a more aggressively accentuated seam between the top and bottom case.

The backside of the board maintains our minimal approach with a center aligned USB-C connector and our “Nubbin Badge” aligned to the left. These magnetic pegs (or Nubbins, your choice) are our way of enabling you to easily customize your badge to fit your setup, your keysets, or your mood. The nubbins are resin cast in-house, and of course, you can expect us to release many options for you to choose from in the future.

Minerva is available in two primary designs with multiple layout options. Your layout options will vary depending on which Top Case design you choose. (WK or WKL).

Full or Split
Standard or Stepped
Right Shift
Full or Split
Bottom Row (WKL)
7u Spacebar
Split Spacebar (3u - 1u - 3u)
Bottom Row (WK)
7u Spacebar
Split Spacebar (3u - 1u - 3u)
6.25u Spacebar

Mounting System

Minerva’s  mounting system consists of 5 not so typical injection-molded silicone Sleeve-Gaskets slotted between the top and bottom case. These gaskets absorb vibrations generated by the plate and keep resonant frequencies from passing to the rest of the board, resulting in a genuinely isolated sound complimented by an inherent subtle flex for a beautiful typing experience.


The recessed weight embodies a large portion of the bottom of the board, featuring a subtle nod to the Nubbin Badge design with its dimpled surface. We plan to offer the weight in many finishes and materials ranging from E-White Aluminum to Black Mirror Polished PVD Brass. Of course, the final offering for the weight will depend on the feedback we receive from you.

PCB & Daughter Board

The PCB, designed by Wolf, keeps flexibility in mind, both in layout and feel. It currently features flex cuts around high traffic areas such as the alphas, and we are open to further experimentation. We will be offering both Hotswap and Solderable options. Another fun idea was to add UV LEDs to the escape key and macro columns to allow a unique way of highlighting artisan keycaps that are UV reactive. Installation of the UV LEDs requires through-switch soldering, and you will also be able to turn the functionality on and off as you wish. The Minerva PCB is QMK and VIA compatible. The PCB connects via a JST connector to our custom low profile Daughter Board, which features a USB-C Connector, ESD, and Reverse Current Protection. 


Currently, the Plate is in “baseline” form, which allows us to test flexibility and overall feel across multiple material options. Our goal is to enable the plate to flex as a whole, aided by the bridge-like contact points with the Sleeve-Gaskets slightly. It will then be finalized with proper flex cuts if necessary for each material type. We are experimenting with Aluminum, Polycarbonate, POM, and Carbon Fiber.

Thank you <3

Work on Minerva began over a year ago and would not be possible without the thoughtful support and oversight of NathanAlphaMan and James (Alchemist Keyboards). What started as a few voice chats to discuss typical keyboard design frustrations have flourished into beautiful friendships, and we are eternally grateful for that. We would also like to thank all of the amazing support we’ve received from our community, your patience and encouragement throughout the design process is greatly appreciated <3.

Color Options

Final color choice options will be dependant on the outcome of this Interest Check


Top: Ultem
Bottom: E-Beige  •  Weight: Brass Dark Gray PVD


Top: Ultem
Bottom: Dark Gray  •  Weight: Brass Dark Gray PVD


Top: Frosted Clear PC
Bottom: E-White  •  Weight: E-White Alu


Top: Frosted Clear PC
Bottom: Dark Gray Alu  •  Weight: Brass Black PVD

Please take a minute to let us know what you think of Minerva LX. Your feedback and time are appreciated.
Step 1

01. Feedback

Please let us know you think of Minerva LX in the feedback form.

Step 2

02. Pre-sale

Group buy set to go live on Sept. 30th.

Step 3

03. Manufacture

Working with a reputable manufacturer to ensure we receive a timely and high quality product.

Step 4

04. Fulfill

ETA for delivery is the first quarter of 2023.


Test initial prototype for fit, finish & function.
Send larger batch of prototypes to reviewers for build reviews.
Finalize production tooling for Nubbins and Silicone Sleeves.
Finalize Sale format and Sale Date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you ship to China or Russia?
A. We will not be shipping directly to China or Russia for this pre-sale, if you are located in one of these countries and would like to join the pre-sale, please use a US Proxy.

Q. What are the “Nubbins”? Are they functional buttons?
A. Nubbins are 5mm round resin pegs that magnetically attach to Minerva. They serve no functional purpose outside of an additional layer of aesthetic customizability.

Q. What layout limitations are there with Hotswap vs Solderable PCB?
A. None. Both PCB options share the same exact layout possibilities. Your layout can only be limited based on if you choose WK or WKL top. 

Q. Will I be able to get different durometer Silicone-Sleeves?
A. This is something we’re experimenting with and will likely offer or include with 



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